Training: Hand Surgery

Here you will find our educational proposals for face-to-face and individualized training stays

Wrist Surgery

Instability – Rotator cuff – Others

  • During the program the assistant will be able to participate in and learn about:
    •  Adult elective hand and wrist surgery which includes CMC suspension technique, CMC joint replacement including whole trapezium replacement, PIPJ and MCPJ joint replacement, dupuytren contractures, soft tissue and bone benign tumors, malignant tumors. Joint stiffness ( tenolysis and arthrolysis).
    •  Wrist and CMC arthroscopy
    •  Traumatic surgery of the hand/ wrist including nerve entrapment neuropathies ( median/ulnar and radial nerve) surgery and nerve transfer surgery, tendon transfers, and management of the rheumatoid hand and wrist.
    •  Complex hand trauma and replants. Microsurgery procedures.
    • ⁠ ⁠salvage procedures such arthrodesis.
    • ⁠ ⁠Open elbow surgery in trauma and elective such lateral and medial epicondylitis and elbow replacement. Fractures in elbow. Elbow arthrolysis.
    •  ⁠Forearm and upperlimb fractures.
    • Many of our procedures are done under walant anesthesia technique.